Terms and Conditions for Ordering

Please read our ordering and shipping policy in its entirety. By placing an order you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our order policy.

Minimum order guarantee:

Our minimum is 6 chicks to be covered by our live chick guarantee.
On request, we may ship fewer, however, OUR LIVE CHICK GUARANTEE IS NOT VALID FOR LESS THAN 6 CHICKS.

Order Cancellation REFUND POLICY:

Once your order is placed, you have 7 days to cancel for a full refund.  Orders cancelled after 7 days will receive a 50% refund. When we accept your order we block out time on our schedule and push our availability to accept new orders out. This leads us to lose potential sales due to our schedule being so far out.   A full refund will be given after 7 days only if the breed you ordered becomes permanently unavailable. We do not issue refunds for buyers remorse.


Delivery estimates:

When we provide you with an estimate of delivery, it is just that, an estimate.  When working with small numbers of rare live birds it is nearly impossible to predict the laying, hatch, and fertility rates.  It is very common to wait several months or more for delivery.  We depend on our hens to lay fertile eggs, then we depend on those eggs to develop and hatch live chicks. Occasionally it doesn’t work that way. Hens stop laying during molt and sometimes for no reason at all. PLEASE be patient.  We will ship your order as soon as they are available.

Local Pickup option:

Shipping or Pick-up: We do not have a ‘store front’ and are a privately owned working farm with strict bio-security in place. However, we love to meet our customers in person, and if you are local, you may pick up your chicks or eggs. Just be sure to make prior arrangements before heading our way, and we will arrange a mutually agreed upon pickup location.

Shipping times:

USPS Priority Express (the fastest service from the USPS) guarantees delivery in less than 3 days.   However, most orders do not take that long. Many times orders will arrive next day. We ship our chicks with Grogel and chick starter to endure a possible 3 day shipping time.   We will email you the tracking number when your order ships.  This way you can track your package and know when to expect it to arrive at your local post office.


We guarantee your chicks to arrive alive and for 72 hours beyond that. Deceased chicks will either be replaced or refunded at our discretion and availability. No FREE or extra chicks that were included in your box will be replaced.  Shipping is never refunded.  A new shipping charge will be required on all replacement orders.  There is no charge on replacement chicks, however, you will be charged the shipping fee.  You must contact us with any losses as soon as your chicks arrive and are safely in their new home. Any issues with weak chicks must be reported at that time so that we can help you monitor them over the next few days. No refunds or replacements will be issued after 72 hours.


We guarantee that you will receive the number of eggs you ordered intact and not cracked.  Any damaged eggs will either be replaced or refunded at our discretion.  No FREE or extra eggs that were included in your box will be replaced.  Shipping is never refunded.  A new shipping charge will be required on all replacement orders.

While we do guarantee eggs to arrive in safe condition, we do not guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs.  Once they are off our farm we do not have any control over their care.  We take great care in packaging our eggs to ensure they arrive safe and in good condition by packing them in the safest way possible. We want you to have a happy hatch and do what we can to make that happen.  Even with our efforts to protect them, there is an inherent risk in ordering eggs.

  • The USPS can handle the box roughly causing detached air sacs, broken, or cracked eggs.
  • Wide temperature variations can also occur during shipping that will effect the eggs.
  • The box may be subjected to X-ray scanning.
  • And so on.

In addition to shipping damages we cannot guarantee hatching rates on your end due to things out of our control such as your incubation methods and procedures.  Shipping eggs comes with risk.  If you are not willing to take on the risk, you should consider ordering live chicks that are guaranteed.

Expectations of breeding stock:

We work hard to acquire and maintain our breeding flocks whose pictures you see on our site.  Your chicks will be from our breeding flocks and will grow out to display the general characteristics of their respective breed.  While we cull for major defects in our breeders, you should not expect your chicks to grow to be a perfect specimen without defects.   Only a few chicks will ever grow out to meet the standard of perfection in all areas.  We do not represent that any bird we sell is show quality or is flawless.

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