Bielefelder Kennhuhn

Bielefelder Chickens

Bielefelder chickens have been called the “über chicken” due to their German engineering. Bielefelder chickens earned this nickname due to their many desirable features, such as being a dual purpose breed as well as breeding true auto sexing. The dual purpose comes from their large sized meat carcass and the hens egg laying production. The Bielefelder hens lay upwards of 200 eggs per year. Bielefelder roosters have a claimed weight of 10-12 pounds. We have not weighed any on our farm, but we can tell you they are large. Our hens barely fit into our old nest boxes. Being so large one might think they would be aggressive or flighty, however that is not the case. Our Bielefelder chickens are one of the most docile breed of chicken we have ever had. They are not flighty and welcome human interaction, even to the point of being jealous of attention from children.

The auto sexing feature of the Bielefelder makes it easy to sex day old chicks as male or female. The females have a “chipmunk” stripe on their backs while the males are lighter in color and have a yellow spot on their heads. From day one you will know what sex your chicks are.

The nickname “Uber chicken” is truly deserved, because no matter what you are looking for in a breed of chicken, the Bielefelder has it.

In order to provide some genetic diversity we have two separate flocks of Bielefelder chickens that came directly from the original importer Greenfire Farms. When you order eggs or chicks you will be getting genetics from each flock.

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