Do you have a minimum amount of chicks to order?
Yes. As of January 2016 we have implemented a 6 chick minimum.  The chicks need the body heat and padding that small amounts do not supply.  We have found that 6 is the lowest amount that can be safely shipped.  However, the chicks do not have to be 6 of the same breed.

What are your shipping charges?
Shipping is $55 flat rate on up to 15 chicks. We ship via USPS priority express. The $55 includes the box, heat pack, and gro gel.  As of January 2016 the USPS has increased postage on Priority Express shipments a whopping 30% on average.  We have done our best to keep our shipping charges as low as possible.  Our hatching eggs are double boxed and shipped USPS priority in custom made egg shipping foam. The charge on up to a dozen eggs is $24.

I just placed my order when will it ship?

We are a small farm and not a large hatchery that hatches thousands of chicks a month. We custom fill every order that comes in. That means we will not start collecting or incubating your eggs or until after you place your order and we have received your payment.  The minimum time before shipping is 5 weeks.  That gives us one week to collect your eggs, three weeks to incubate, and two weeks to age the chicks.  Be aware that many times especially during springtime, there may be a backlog on our more popular breeds and the wait will be longer than 5 weeks.  All orders are filled on a first come first filled basis.   So be sure to place your order well ahead of time.   After placing your order we will review it and place it on our schedule.  Once your order is on our schedule we will email you an estimated shipping month. Before we ship your order we will be in contact with you to set a firm shipping date to make sure you will be available to receive the chicks on that date.  If you would like to know an estimated shipping date before placing your order feel free to contact us.

Do you guarantee live delivery of my chicks?

Yes. We do guarantee you will receive the number of live chicks you ordered on all orders of 6 or more chicks. We ship our chickens in the best possible manner to lower any loss during shipping. This includes using proper shipping containers, providing a soft bedding mat, heat packs in cold weather, food and growgel for nutrition and hydration during shipping. Even so shipping through the postal system does stress the birds and occasionally some may be lost. If you end up with less than the number of birds that you ordered we will refund you the amount of the lost birds. You have to notify us immediately upon the chicks arriving to claim a refund.

Do you ship UPS or Fed-Ex?

Livestock cannot be shipped via UPS and Fed-Ex. The USPS is the only shipping carrier that allows chicks.

Will a USPS Express Mail shipment arrive overnight?

USPS Express guarantees delivery in less than 3 days. However, most orders do not take that long. Many times orders will arrive next day. We ship our chicks with Grogel and chick starter to endure a possible 3 day shipping time.

What should I do with the chicks when I get them?

The first thing you should do is to give them access to water. In some cases even dipping their beaks to make sure they drink. Next make sure you have feed available. Also, you will need to have a place to keep them that is warm. One week old chicks require a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You should back the heat down 5 degrees per week until the chicks feathers emerge.  If there are leg bands on the chicks you can remove them.  They are for our identification purposes only.

Should I quarantine the new chicks?

Yes. It is a prudent practice to always quarantine any new birds coming into your flock for at least 4 weeks.

Can I pick up my chicks?

Yes you can pick up your chicks or eggs. We love to meet our customers in person. Just be sure to make prior arrangements before heading our way.  Due to our bio security measures we do not give tours of the farm.  We usually arrange a mutually agreed upon pickup location.

Are your hatching eggs guaranteed to hatch?

We are sorry but the answer is no.  We check for fertility here on the farm but once the eggs leave our property we do not have control over the many variables that go into shipping, handling, incubating, and hatching.

Can I combine shipping on multiple items?

Yes some items may be combined for shipping purposes. If you contact us ahead of time we can provide you with a custom shipping amount.

Do you vaccinate chicks for Marek’s disease?

As of January 2016 we are vaccinating all chicks for Marek’s disease.   Please understand that Marek’s vaccine is not 100% effective.  The vaccine prevents the malignant tumors caused by Marek’s disease.  Birds that are vaccinated can still be infected with Marek’s and be carriers for life.  Marek’s is commonly found in many backyard flocks but due to the flocks resistance to the virus it is not detected.  Imported breeds are more at risk due to the different strains of Marek’s found here in the US versus the strains in their original country.

Is your farm NPIP certified?

Yes we are NPIP certified in the state of Mississippi


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