Jubilee Orpington

English Jubilee Orpington Chickens

Introduced in 1897 by the William Cook family, Jubilee Orpingtons were named for and presented to Queen Victoria in honor of her Diamond Jubilee year, and she was understandably quite taken with the lovely creatures. Jubilee Orpingtons became a symbol of British spirit that they were ordered to be killed by Hitler during World War II.

Jubilee Orpingtons are a very gentle breed. They are never aggressive toward people and vary rarely towards other roosters. They have a deep Mahogany colored body with ruby, emerald, and white flecks. The final color and pattern however, does take some time to display. Usually by the third molt at around 18 months you will see the full color pattern.

These stunning birds are good layers of large cream colored eggs. Our Jubilee flock are decedents of imports from Fancy Chicks.

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