Rhode Island Red Barred Rock Cross

Rhode Island Red chickens are a popular choice for backyard flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness. They are considered a dual purpose breed that is raised for meat and eggs. The Reds are friendly chickens with a good nature. They are good pets for children, but they can get aggressive when annoyed. Rhode Island Reds are tough birds, resistant to illness, good at foraging and free ranging, and typically docile, quiet, and friendly.

The Barred Rock is a dual-purpose, cold-hardy bird and therefore makes a great breed for the small farm or backyard flock owner. The Barred Rock is often called the Plymouth Rock, but this title correctly belongs to the entire breed, not just the Barred variety. Barred Rocks are large, long-lived chickens. They possess a long, broad back; a moderately deep, full breast; and yellow skin and legs. The hens have a deep, full abdomen, which is a sign of a good layer. The face of a Barred Rock is red with red ear lobes, a bright yellow beak, bay-colored eyes, and a single comb of moderate size. Their feathers are fairly loosely held but not so long as to easily tangle. The chicken’s bottom feathers are soft and downy, like baby chicks feathers.

In terms of temperament, both roosters and hens are calm and will get along well with people and other animals such as pets. The hens often will go broody if in the right environment, and are good mothers.

At Omega Hills Farm we cross these two dual purpose breeds to produce a very hearty proficient egg layer as well as an excellent meat bird. If you are looking for a dual purpose flock then look no further than our RIR Barred Rock cross.

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