Augsburger Chickens

Augsburger Chickens

Of all the rare breeds on our farm the Augsburger is probably the most rare. Just a few years ago the total number of Augsburger chickens on the planet was less than 150. They are an older breed that originated near the city of Augsburg Germany around 1880. The two main ingredients in producing the Augsburger were the French La Fleche and the Italian Lamotte breeds.

The most striking feature of this breed has to be the almost buttercup comb. A proper Augsburger comb should split into two “single” combs after the first couple of points. This results in what appears to be a cup comb. To be proper there must be two separate blades that come together in the rear. Note that typically only 25% of pure Augsburgers display the double comb trait. We cannot guarantee that the chicks we ship will grow the double comb, however they will carry the genes to produce double comb chicks in subsequent generations. We were one of the first farms to acquire Augsburgers directly from the original importers to the US Greenfire Farms. Since then, Greenfire Farms no longer has Augsburgers and ours is one of just a few breeding flocks in the US.

The Augsburger is a medium size bird that is not as flighty as a Leghorn but is active enough to be a very good forager. The hens lay an abundance of medium to large cream colored eggs.

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