Live Chicken Cam Just Installed

Our brooder “Big Mamma” just had an upgrade installed today in the way of a wireless webcam. You can check out the live feed below.


Just be warned that watching the chicks is addicting and can easily waste your day away. We warned you!!

New Chick Brooder Complete!

This week we completed our custom chick brooder.  The new brooder, aka “Big Momma”,  features a thermostat controlled heat lamp and a pull out drawer for easy cleaning.  All of our new hatched chicks will now have luxury accommodations for their first few weeks of life.

While “Big Momma” waits for her first house guests, she has been keeping watch over  the next batch of eggs in line for the incubator.   Three weeks from now those eggs will be visiting Big Momma again in the form of chicks.


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