Spring 2015 is 90% sold out!

2015  has started off with a bang.  Traffic to our web site has been 4 times more last year!   Which also means emails. phone calls, and orders have also been significantly more as well.   As of today February 27th we have sold out of most of our breeds through the rest of spring.   We still have deliveries available for June and beyond but there are not any delivery dates available until then.

Here is a run down of what is currently available.

Partridge Barthuhners – Eggs and chicks currently available.

Isbar – Eggs 3 weeks out, chicks not available.

Augsburger – 3 chicks available now and then sold out.

Cream legbar – sold out.

Bielefelder – sold out.

Gold laced orpington –  chicks are 5-6 weeks out.

Mottled orpington – chicks 5-6 weeks out.

Isabel orpington – sold out

Crele orpington – possibly available in late April.

Tolbunt Polish – sold out ( hens not currently laying) Once they start we have 3 weeks worth of orders to fill then they will be available again.

All other orpington colors – sold out or not currently laying.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get 2015 started off at a record pace.





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