Tornado! **Updated 5/5/14**

On Monday a tornado ripped trough the farm. There has been extensive damage to the farm and our homes. We are without power and expect it to be out for several days possibly up to a week. I’m posting this from my phone charged by our generator.

Thankfully everyone is safe and sound. We had no casualties on the farm. All shipments for this week have been delayed until next week. Please bear with us while we get back up and running.

** Updated 5/5/14 **

I am sad to report that we did indeed have casualties on the farm from the tornado. We lost all of our chicks that hatched the week prior on April 24th. They were just a few days old when the storm hit and the loss of power meant we could not keep the brooder heaters running. We do have a generator, but it was being shared between house and barn and was just not enough to keep them warm in the cold nights after the storm. Our incubators were without power for roughly 5 hours and then had ride in a truck across the county where they remained for the rest of the week. Last weeks hatch had a little lower hatch rate than normal but those eggs were at around 18 days when the storm hit. The next two weeks will be interesting due to those eggs being much “younger” when the power was lost. Hopefully they will be about normal as well.  We are now back up and running with full power and internet connection but still picking up the pieces and dealing with insurance/contractors to complete repairs.  Thank you for all your thoughts,well wishes, and prayers over the last week.

Needless to say the storm has pushed our delivery schedule back by at least a week and depending on the hatches the next two weeks it could be a little longer. We will do every thing we possibly can to fill your orders as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding while we work to catch up.

Below are some pictures of the damage.


Tree on power line on Omega Drive


Picture of tornado about 10 miles before it hit us.


House about 2000 yards east of our farm


Church about 1500 yards east of our farm.  Yes the marquee was that before the storm


Large pine tree on our fence. There are about 20 trees down on our fence around the farm


Trees hanging on the power line blocking our drive


Another tree on the power line on Omega Drive

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